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Mirror Monitor with Reversing Camera


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The 7″ Mirror Monitor is designed to clip on to an existing rear view mirror. With a touch screen and IR remote control the PS7006AHD is easy to set up and install.


  • Power: 12 – 24V DC
  • Screen Size: 7″ AHD
  • Touch Side Screen & Remote Control
  • Inputs: 2 (D1 / AHD Compatible)
  • Features: Parking lines, trigger delay & Mirror Function.
  • Trigger wire input for each Camera feed
  • Resolution: 1024 x 600 RGB
  • Clip on mounting only
  • Connection: 2 x Male 4 pin Aviation with 2 x 4 Pin Fly Lead
  • Converter to RCA and 1 x Audio In (Phono)

The waterproof rear-view camera is equipped with a sensitive CMOS sensor in combination with a high-quality lens that provide a good, sharp image, even at night or dark places like a parking garage, for proper parking and reversing without relying on side mirrors alone.