19 March 2024

Hire a Campervan for a Fun-Filled Easter Holidays

When planning the upcoming Easter holidays with your family, many different ways to spend some well-needed quality time together may have crossed your mind. Hiring a camper to travel wherever you please, offers you the freedom and flexibility you’re looking for at a much more affordable price than your average holiday. 

Why You Should Hire a Camper in the UK

When spending the Easter holidays with your family, opting for a campervan in the UK offers some real advantages. Unlike conventional forms of travel to a desired destination, a campervan provides the freedom to tailor your journey completely. Whether you’re looking for more rugged landscapes, a quaint village, or a simple coastal retreat, a camper allows you to explore wherever you please, with ease.

Having your accommodation on wheels allows you to easily change your plans or stay longer in places you and your family like. It’s convenient and gives you full flexibility for spontaneous decisions.

Adventure To Places You’ve Never Been To 

As you hop into your hired campervan this Easter holiday, think about the freedom of roaming wherever the road takes you. Navigating winding country lanes, stumbling upon hidden gems nestled in the heart of nature, or spotting breathtaking views of untouched landscapes. Whether you’re off to the rolling hills of the Lake District, the stunning coastline of Norfolk or the Highlands of Scotland, the possibilities of your trip are endless. 

With a campervan as your family’s trusty companion, you truly have the opportunity to explore places you’ve only dreamed of, making each moment of your adventure truly memorable.

Affordable Holiday

Heading off on an Easter holiday adventure doesn’t have to break the bank and hiring a campervan proves just that. Campervan holidays are incredibly budget-friendly, offering an affordable alternative to traditional holidays. When you factor in the cost of accommodation, transportation and dining out, hiring a campervan often proves to be a more economical option. 

With the ability to prepare delicious meals onboard and the flexibility to choose free or low-cost camping sites, you can enjoy all the perks of a holiday without the hefty price tag. Plus, with no need for flights or hotel reservations, you’ll have more funds to allocate towards memorable experiences and activities during your Easter getaway.

Quality Family Time

Travelling in a campervan isn’t only about reaching new, exciting destinations, it’s about spending quality time with loved ones. The Easter holidays provide a perfect opportunity to escape the grind of work, school and busy everyday life to spend some meaningful time together.

Whether you enjoy cosying up playing some cards, sharing stories under the stars, or embarking on spontaneous hiking adventures together, the close quarters of a campervan creates a great setting for bonding. There’s no shortage of opportunities to create lasting memories during your campervan holiday. 

So get ready to pack your bags, leave the distractions behind and embark on a journey filled with laughter, adventure and cherished moments.

Camper Hire From Waveney Campers

When hiring one of our easy-to-drive campers for your Easter holiday, we promise an unforgettable experience filled with adventure and quality family time for an affordable price. 

With the freedom to explore new destinations and create your own itinerary or use one of our free step-by-step itineraries to the likes of Scotland, Wales, the New Forest or around North Norfolk, the possibilities of where your adventure could take you are limitless. What’s more, we can provide our campervan renters with an onboard cookbook, full of delicious meals that the whole family will enjoy.

Make this Easter holiday one to remember by setting off on a budget-friendly and exciting road trip as a family in one of our fully-equipped VW campers. Just book your campervan hire through our easy online booking systems and get ready to explore the joys of the open road.