We’ve been hanging around Exmouth for the last few days and been reluctant to leave because the weather is so good and the beaches and swimming are great. Also, our campsite has a swimming pool which is good for an afternoon dip. When we do leave here it’s to go inland and it’s going to be hot, hot, hot with no cooling sea breeze.

Exmouth itself is not overly exciting but it has everything we need. It’s got a supermarket, butchers and bakery and a second hand book shop which has come in handy as we are running out of reading material. The town has no great features but as we found out it was virtually wiped out by a cyclone in 1998 so all the buildings are single storey and well spread out. As we checked in at the campsite we were handed a leaflet explaining that this is the beginning of the cyclone season and what to do in an emergency.

We drove out the other day to visit the Charles Knife Canyon and the Potshot Canyon. Both are about 9 or 10 miles south of Exmouth. The first takes you up high on an unsealed road with spectacular views down the canyon while the second one takes you on a similar road but along the bottom of the canyon. The trip really whetted our appetite for our next destination (Karijinji National Park) which has spectacular gorges and waterfalls and swimming holes. We have made up our mind to leave on Monday for the long drive to a town called Tom Price which is about 400 miles and is on the edge of the national park. Many towns, rivers, bridges etc. in Australia are named after people. When these places were discovered or built everyone wanted to get in on the act and have it named after them. Can’t really blame them. Dampier, a town just up the coast from here was named after the explorer William Dampier who came to the west coast of Australia in 1688 on his ship, The Cygnet and while here he made detailed notes on the flora and fauna and the Aboriginies that he found. His observations on natural history helped Charles Darwin develop some of his theories. Pretty impressive. It would be nice to think that the town of Tom Price was named after an early settler or gold prospector but alas, Tom Price was actually the president of the multi million dollar oil company that built the town in 1962.

For our last day here we decided to have a BBQ on the beach. We couldn’t understand in the first week why we couldn’t find a simple charcoal BBQ to buy. After all this is Australia. When we eventually found a really good one we snapped it up as it was the last one in the shop. We have found out since that because of fire risk in this desert like area that these are banned in most places. All the Aussies use gas ones. We thought the shopkeeper looked surprised when we bought it. Anyway, we took it to the beach today and had a great Sunday lunch of local king prawns, roast lamb with rosemary and garlic, roast potatoes and green beans and a sweet of fresh raspberries and yoghurt. Not bad this camping lark! As the BBQ cost us $149 dollars we could have had a slap up meal in a restaurant but it wouldn’t have been such fun.

Really looking forward to getting going tomorrow. We’ve got some excellent places pencilled in to visit.

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