After searching for some time for the best campsite we arrived at our last stopover in Fremantle and it’s a real 5 star setup. Just 40 minute walk into the town or a 10 minute walk to catch a free bus. They have a seperate area here just for small campervans, excellent camp kitchen and showers and also a very nice sun shaded seating area for relaxing and eating under. It really is a treat to spend our last few days here after some of the basic bush camps.

Fremantle, although 10 miles outside Perth is actually Perth’s port. It was the second place to be settled after Albany and before plane travel became the norm it was where all the settlers who came to Western Australia had to land so it’s got a good historic feel to it. ‘Freo’ is one of those places that seems to collect the artistic and Bohemian types and with them comes a real cultural mix and atmosphere. It’s the sort of place where people come for a week and 10 years later they’re still here and don’t really know why.

We’ve been using the free bus to get into town as it runs every 10 minutes during the day and you can get on or off at any one of 27 stops. On Friday we spent the day looking round the town and visiting the two main indoor markets which are excellent with lots of delicious food to take home or to eat there. There are also street entertainers and buskers which all adds to the atmosphere. On Saturday we visited the Maritime Museum. It’s in a very modern building designed with a real maritime theme and stands right at the end of the port looking out to sea. Inside are some great exhibits including how the early settlers arrived at the port and they’ve even got the actual boat that won the America’s cup for Australia in 1988. All round the outside of the building there are hundreds of stainless steel plates engraved with the names of every settler who landed at Fremantle from the late 1800’s right up to the early 1970’s. They include the names of the people, the date they arrived and the name of the ship they came on. There are also various quotations from people who had just arrived. Most were completely unimpressed with what they saw as they disembarked but then went on to say that after a lot of hard work they settled happily and raised their families here. We spent some time looking for our family names and found a few but don’t know if they were actually our direct relatives.

Today after spending the morning on the beach we heard about a street fair being held in East Fremantle which sounded really good. After a much longer walk than we had anticipated we found it and what was really good about it was that no one could have a stall there unless the product they were selling was hand crafted. The quality was so good we could have done all our Christmas shopping there if only we could get it home on the plane. How frustrating!

Tomorrow is the day we take our campervan back. After 7 weeks we’ve grown quite attached to it and will really miss it. We’ll spend a few more days with John and Diane in Perth before we start our journey home.

Sadly tomorrow will be our last diary entry and we’ll try to summarize our Oz Adventure.

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