Karijini to Newman

Up at sunrise today as we wanted to walk before it gets too hot. Surnrise and sunset are just beautiful times for seeing the scenery at it’s best in the outback. We were heading for Weano Gorge but first we stopped at Oxers Lookout. This is one of WA’s most spectacular sights where 4 gorges meet together and it really is quite amazing. A few miles down the road we arrived at Weano Gorge where we wanted to do our walk. It’s supposedly a 4 hour walk and a grade 4 turning to a grade 5 and ends at Handrail Pool. The first part is quite easy but down on the floor of the gorge it becomes more rocky as it turns to a grade 5 and we had to wade across a couple of deep stretches. This is where Alan leaves Lynne sitting in the shade. There are a couple of sections where you have to wade or swim across and the last part is through a 10 foot crack in the rock and eventually leads to Handrail Pool which is completely enclosed in a rock circle just open to the blue sky at the top of the gorge. This was getting a bit too much like pot holing so time to go back.

It was late morning by the time we arrived back at the van. We’ve now done 3 days without the electric and our fridge is done in and what bit of food we’d got left was starting to go off. It was a long way back to Tom Price to top up so we decided to head off south for the first time (not a good feeling as it seems as though we are on our way home) to Newman which is 120 miles away.

We stopped near Newman at Opthalmia Dam for a very late lunch and a swim to cool off and then later drove into Newman and booked in at a campsite. Newman is a mining town and has the largest open cut iron ore mine in the world. Trains run from here to Port Hedland where the ore is loaded into large ships and transported mainly to China.. Most of the trains are about 4km long although the longest was 7.3km. They seem to go on for ever when you are waiting at a level crossing. It was the strangest campsite we’ve ever stayed at as it was home for many of the mine workers coming and going in their orange suits and covered in brown dust.. We spent the day provisioning up and used the small pool on the site for cooling off purposes. It wasn’t really bit enough to have a decent swim.

We visited the visitor centre and mine museum in town and we were so impressed with it that we booked a mine tour for the next morning.

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