Peaceful Bay

Peaceful Bay and Peaceful Bay Campsite proved to be just as we had thought. The reception is a weather beaten wooden structure with petrol pumps outside and you are told to just pick anywhere on the site that you’d like to camp. The camping ground itself is adjacent to the beach in a sheltered spot with Tea Trees for shade. There are also fire pits dotted about and we collected wood every day to have a good fire at night for cooking as well as keeping the chill off. A fire is also a great social point and we were joined by a couple for a good natter with plenty of red wine. The cheapest way of buying wine here is in a 4 litre box from a bottle shop and everyone we meet seems to turn up with a similar box (or cask as they call it here).

The proprietor is also the local fisherman so fresh fish is always available cooked (snapper and chips) or uncooked. We arrived on the first day of the crayfish season. We went down to the beach in the evening to watch his boat coming in and he had got 2 crays. We had thought that crays were big prawns and got a surprise when we were told they weighed over a kilo each. They are what we call lobsters. We booked one of the for the next night and his wife cooked it for us. There was really enough for 4 people but we managed to stuff it all down ourselves with a good glug of white wine. What a banquet!

Peaceful Bay itself is ringed by a large granite outcrop to take the surge of the Southern Ocean making the small sandy bay a great place for swimming, snorkelling and fishing.

Some of the best things and greatest pleasures in life are free and one of these must be walking on the hard sand at the waters edge of a deserted beach in the early morning sun with just the odd spent wave washing over your feet. Walking along the coast from Peaceful Bay is just such a place. Every morning we walked for several miles along our own deserted beach. It seemed to go on for ever and we never did get to the end.

In this area they get 185 days of rain a year and as it’s still late spring here at the moment everything is very green and lush. It reminds us of Austria with cattle grazing on rolling grassy hills. With blue skies and temperatures in the mid 20’s it is just perfect. We could be here for a little while yet.

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