Shark Bay

We had heavy rain overnight that continued into the morning. This made us decide to leave Kalbarri. We had wanted to do one more walk to the bottom of the gorge called The Loop but with heavy rains the unsealed roads had been closed to traffic. It seemed a good idea to spend the wet day travelling so we headed off to Shark Bay (approx. 220 miles). We took the North West Coastal Highway which is a long road with nothing on it. No towns, no houses, not much traffic, no bends. Petrol stations are few and far between and who would have thought that we would get excited by seeing a sign even if it did only say watch out for kangaroos and cattle.

Eventually our turn off came for Shark Bay. Now, Shark Bay is a World Heritage Area and it’s big. It covers 2.2 million hectares. It’s a place that’s been on our list to visit for some time and here’s why – to be classified as a World Heritage Centre an area has to satisfy one of 4 natural criteria. These are natural beauty, earth’s history, ecological processes and biological diversity. Shark Bay is just one of 20 place on earth that satisfies all 4 of the natural criteria and Australia is unique in the world in having 2 places to satisfy all 4 criteria – Shark bay and the Great Barrier Reef.

It was still a long drive up the peninsula at 70 miles and amazingly, after driving in the rain all morning the sun came out just a few miles off the coastal highway.

Our first stop was Shell Beach which blew us both away. The sea was so calm and the most amazing blue with a beach of pure white cockle shells – some parts are 10 metres deep apparently. It was absolutely stunning. And just get your head round this. It’s 120km long with not a cafe or umbrella in sight. The nearest MacDonalds is probably 200 miles away. What a bonus.

It was getting a bit late but we decided to do one more stop at Eagle Bluff. We’re so glad we did. You look down from the cliffs onto a beautiful bay with crystal clear water where you can see small sharks, huge turtles and manta rays swimming in the bay. This is tourism as it should be.

We arrived late at our distination, a small town called Denham and found a great campsite right on the beach. There’s so much to see here we’ll definately be staying a few days.

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