The End

Our Oz Adventure is nearly over having driven just under 5500 miles. We never did get attacked by a shark or crocodile, never did see a redback spider or snake, no king waves or rip tides to wash us away and we never really thought we would. Australia is a very safe and easy place to visit and just the best if you’re using a campervan (the only way to see it). The only danger we were ever in was falling asleep while driving on those long, long roads north. Seriously, it is a problem and there are signs along all the roads saying ‘Don’t Drive Tired’ and at the roadhouses ‘Free coffee for the driver’.

Australia is clearly a wealthy country and whereas most of us have to drill or dig for our minerals and oil here they just seem to scoop it up in the biggest buckets you’ve ever seen. Most of the mining is open cast and therefore cheap. As yet there are huge parts of Australia that haven’t even been mapped for minerals. They have close links with China so you can see where the wealth is going to be in the next 50 years. Like most places they do have serious social and environmental issues. The strain that agriculture has put on the land by creating huge salt lakes is one of many. Socially, the Aboriginal issue – well, you could write a book about that. It’s a problem that as yet no one seems to have an answer to.

Would we come back again? Definately! How about Perth to Kalgoorlie and then up to Alice Springs and Uluru then back down to the Nulaboor Desert finishing up in Adelaide. We’ll have to give that one some thought.

The best part? There are so many best parts – Shark Bay, dolphins at Monkey Mia, Ningaloo Reef, Karijini National Park, the southern karri forests and of course all the lovely people we met along the way but the part we’ll remember the most while camping in the bush on our own miles from anywhere were the endless starry nights like a huge twinkling canopy above us trying to find the Southern Cross (we never did!) and then waking in the morning with the van doors open as the sun came up to the sound of the wonderful bird song that you get in Australia.

And so sooooooooooooo romantic!

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