Whale Watching

We were going to visit Monkey Mia today where you can watch wild dolphins being fed but we got chatting to the couple in the campervan next to us and they said that apparently there are a lot of humpback whales in the bay at the moment. They are mothers and babies migrating south to the Antarctic. This is about half way so they stop off for a rest in Shark Bay every year.

A local guy who normally runs snorkelling trips was taking a few people out to try to see the whales and there were possibly a couple of free spaces. A lady who runs the campsite was going herself and so was the skippers wife but they said they would drop out so that we could go. The boat was an 8.5 metre Gemini with 2 × 225hp V6 Yamaha engines. This is the same boat used by the navy worldwide and boy could it go.

Our skipper was Captain Greg, a jovial Aussie with a great sense of humour. On arrival at the jetty we had to sign a piece of paper that basically said that if we didn;t come back it wasn’t his fault. A Gemini holds approximately 12 people and for those of you who haven’t been on one you basically sit astride a padded seat adopting a half sitting half standing position and hold on to some bars in front of you. There was quite a stiff breeze blowing causing quite a chop in the bay and Captain Greg said the only way to get over this is to go into the wind fast. Fast is 60mph (it felt more like 160mph) and we covered about 80 miles. It took us about half an hour at full throttle to get to where the whales might be. After a little while we spotted what we thought was a whale blowing in the distance. It turned out to be a mother and baby going about their daily routine, surfacing every few minutes. What a wonderful sight.

After watching them for 20 minutes or so we spotted some more a couple of miles away and we were off at full speed to find them. Each time we found more Captain Greg stopped the boat and we sat and watched in awe. We also watched dolphins swimming happily with them. At one point the whales were quite close to the boat and it was quite unnerving wondering where they were going to pop up next.

By the time we had turned to come back to port we were almost 40 miles away. This is one hell of a bay!

We came back via some small islands and saw sea eagles and various sea birds.

The journey back was even more exhilarating. We all wore spray jackets but still got soaked to the skin. There was lots of shrieking as we flew off the tops of waves and bounced down again with a huge crash. Captain Greg stopped with 20 miles to go and asked if we wanted to go slower but the cry was ‘NO!’. As we came back towards the jetty we finished with a flourish doing a couple of high speed turns. More spray. What a way to spend an afternoon.

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