7 September 2023

Our Icelandic Adventure 2023 – Part 7

Dreki Huts

Woke up this morning and the Land Rover is covered in snow!!  After the last couple of days driving remote coastal roads we are off to Iceland’s interior highlands and what a drive. Not all off-road but oh so scenic. Mile after mile of low level ground cover  in full bloom autumn colours. But, the highlands means high and we are eventually off-road crossing rivers and picking our way across 100 year old lava fields.

Eventually we are onto snow covered tracks and stunning scenery including one mountain voted as Iceland’s most beautiful (picture included).  Our next destination is the Dreki Huts at the mouth of the Drekagil Gorge under the Dyngjufjoll Mountains.

The F88 Road, a rugged 4×4 track gets you there. The huts are for summer use only and although officially closed we obtained permission from the park ranger to camp outside and use the cooking facilities inside. It was a few kilometres drive from the huts to a carpark and from there a hike in the snow to Askja Volcano which is still classed as active although it last erupted in 1961. From the top of the volcano we looked down a deep water filled caldera formed over 10,000 years ago when the roof of a large magma chamber collapsed on itself.

Back at the huts on a freezing cold night but with a fire lit we were able to eat, drink and socialise in in the warm.

The next morning we are off for a stunning drive through the Odadahraun lava field. It is a vast desert like wilderness covering 1930 sq. miles and is  a part of the Vatnajokull National Park. Apart from the colour of the sand it is like a second visit to Morocco.

Back to the huts for a late lunch and then a leisurely hike in the mountains finishes our stay there.