10 September 2023

Our Icelandic Adventure 2023 – Part 8

The End of Our Adventure

Our Icelandic adventure is slowly coming to an end. We spent a couple of days at a hotel/campsite at Fjallaffi. It is a real treat to sample Icelandic food in a restaurant after several weeks of Land Rover style cuisine.Some of the group are able to get rooms in the hotel but we stayed in the Land Rover. During the day we had a drive out to Studlagal Canyon which is very impressive with huge basalt columns of rock. Another drive out takes us on probably the most challenging off-road track of the tour. So much so that we have to get the winch involved in one particularly boggy area.

It is time to head back to Seyoisfjorour to pick up the ferry to Denmark. We spend our last night on a small farm campsite (featured by Ben Fogle on his TV programme In the Wild) with a natural hot spring and stunning views down the valley. Laying in the warm water with a beer in hand was a time to reflect on what a great adventure the last few weeks has been

So, can you take your VW T6/Ford Landseer for an adventure in Iceland? The answer is definitely yes. Part of the adventure is the journey there and back. The 820 mile ring road is all tarmac and miles of gravel tracks which are perfectly accessible to 2WD vehicles. While wild camping is prohibited there are plenty of campsites all over Iceland.

This is a place like no other and if you are lucky enough to see the Northern Lights as we did you will make memories to last a lifetime.