3 September 2023

Our Icelandic Adventure 2023 – Part 3

As we head towards Reykjavik we fitted in a bit more sightseeing with a stop at the very impressive Gullfoss waterfall. We then spent an afternoon in Reykjavik with the iconic Hallgrimskinkja Church always in the background and topping up on shopping drinking coffee.

Today Ingo, our excellent Landrover trained Icelandic guide, excitedly told us that he had obtained permission to take us up to the Langjokull Glacier and drive onto it. He had recruited his friend Daci who is also Landrover trained so quite an adventure.

The only problem – the weather. We left Reykjavik in gale force winds and sleeting rain. The drive up to base camp (a small coffee and toilet stop ) just before the glacier was tough. Icy, wet rutted tracks and now a freezing gale. We all noticed that our vehicle engine temperature gauges dropped to cold although the engines were working hard!  We stopped at the base camp for a coffee and a briefing. Driving on glacial ice on a slope in a 2 ton vehicle in the wind and rain is not ideal. Despite the conditions we were obviously all keen to get going. We drove onto the glacier but it wasn’t long before we were sliding about, getting stuck and it was just becoming too dangerous. Ingo and Daci were tasked with getting us all pointing in the right direction and safely off the glacier.

Half an hour later we were in a warm bistro in Hussafell having lunch and discussing our glacier driving experience. We spent the rest of the afternoon being shown the local sights by Daci and his wife Martina. They then invited us to what was a superb bbq in the garden at their house.

No Northern Lights tonight but definitely a day to remember.