5 September 2023

Our Icelandic Adventure 2023 – Part 5

Towards The Arctic Circle

This morning we slowly regrouped after last nights storm, some returning from their gfuesthouse looking a little smug and Landrovers that had moved during the night to seek shelter reappearing.

Strong winds were forecast for the next few days so the decision was made to head for the northwest fjords where the weather was calmer.

After a long days drive our campsite for the night was sheltered and benefited from a communal kitchen where we could all get together to eat, drink and relax.  It felt good after a tough few days.

A 9am start today with blue skies and calmer weather. We are soon heading for the high ground with beautiful plateaux and valleys. So many water falls and river crossings today – some shallow, some deep and some very long. After our usual coffee stop on some high ground next up was our first warm natural spring. Stripping off layers of clothing in freezing conditions and slipping into warm water. What a treat.

After lunch as we climbed higher we came across our first snow covered tracks and then a real snow blizzard before heading back down again to the coast and a campsite at Husavik. Husavik is the whale watching capital of Iceland situated on the north coast on the shores of Skjalfandi Bay. This is a lovely Icelandic town just south of the Arctic Circle with colourful wooden houses and a stunning wooden church being the centrepiece. Tonight is our first chance to eat and drink Icelandic style. Tomorrow the Arctic Circle.