Our Oz Adventure 10

Back to Perth. It's time to go back to where it all began. Geoffrey (our campervan) belongs in Perth. He was first registered by us there and each state has different rules. It is a heck of a long way but most of it will be on roads we have travelled before. You can't really get lost as there is only one road that goes from east to west across the bottom of Australia.

We are really looking forward to crossing the Nullabor again - that endless, treeless plain and also revisiting some places that we last saw nearly 10 years ago.

We start this years adventure with 2 days in Sydney which coincides with Australia Day. The Australians really do know how to celebrate. Memories of the vintage Quantas airliner passing low over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the fireworks at the end of the day with thousands of people singing Waltzing Matilda will live with us for ever.

We now have a days train and bus journey out to Inverell to catch up with Geoffrey again.

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