We started our day off today, strangely visiting a water dam owned by SA Water Corporation. The dam was buillt in 1902 and is 150 metres in length and is curved. It’s been turned into something of a tourist attraction and is really quite whacky. One person stands at one end while the other walks the 150m to the other end of the dam (Lynne in this case!). You can then speak to each other quite quietly and it sounds as though the person is standing right next to you. It really is the strangest thing. It wasn’t really designed with this in mind but it’s something to do with the curve of the wall causing perfect acoustics.

Last year we had a couple from Adelaide (Joan and Richard) stay on our campsite at home who said to contact them if ever we were in Adelaide. We did this and called in for a cup of tea. We ended up staying for three days camped in their garden. Definately the best campsite we’ve had! Joan and Richard have been a great help to us telling us the best places for sightseeing etc. We had a day in Adelaide city and actually did some Christmas shopping. We had a great lunch in Chinatown and then the four of us had a night out at the Cavern Club in the city that night. There were a few live bands doing Beatles covers and other 60’s stuff. We had far too much to drink so after a late start Sunday we visited a motor museum at Birdswood in the Adelaide Hills which was excellent and much bigger than we expected. We finished the day off with a superb roast dinner cooked by Joan – what a treat!

Adelaide and its suburbs are far bigger and busier than we’d anticipated and comes as a bit of a shock after driving in such remote areas for several weeks. The city is not the easiest for parking in with a high top campervan so we used the excellent bus service.

We are now going off down the Fleurieu Peninsula for a few days but coming back next weekend as we’ve managed to get tickets for the forthcoming Ashes test at the world famous Adelaide Oval

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