After 3 lazy days on the beach we are now moving to the Barossa wine region just north of Adelaide. We would have stayed longer by the sea but the weather forecast is for rain and they’re usually pretty spot on with the weather forecast in these parts. On the way we have to stop off at Ardrossan. The reason for this is that a very famous and iconic stump jump plough was invented here. It’s just that we’ve read so many books that mention the stump jump plough and the National Trust Museum at Ardrossan displays them along with lots of other early agricultural equipment so we feel we should make the small detour to have a look.

We could bore you with loads more about the plough but briefly, it was discovered when a bolt broke whilst ploughing very rough ground. The plough worked better as it rode over the rocks and tree roots without the bolt. A plough was designed with retractable shears and it revolutionised cereal farming in mallee country across Australia.

Later we arrived in the Barossa, first settled by the British but which soon had a strong German contingent. First settling in the small hamlet of Bethany they soon spread to many of the outlying towns, built churches and farmed the land. Today the area still has a very German feel to it with many German place names, food shops etc.

We next did a 50km scenic drive. It’s a very beautiful area with rolling hills, tree lined roads set in a backdrop of vineyards. At one point we actually drove through Jacobs Creek (I think we’ve all drunk a bottle of this at some point). We obviously couldn’t drive through this area without doing a couple of wine tastings. The first was at Rockford Wines and the next at Grant Burge Vineyard. Two full wine tastings is really enough for one day so we found a delightful quiet spot afterwards where we had lunch and polished off a quite expensive bottle of Shiraz. The rest of the day is a bit of a blur so we stayed put and camped at the side of the road.

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