Cocklebiddy to Nullarbor

We left Cocklebiddy and our first stop was Madura Roadhouse (100km). The road is still mainly flat and straight but the scenery changes from mostly tree lined to sun scorched grassland with just the occasional tree that goes on for as long as the eye can see.

We next stopped at Mandrabilla Roadhouse, a further 220km for fuel. Prices are now getting quite expensive from 1.24 dollars in Perth to 1.64 here.

We did a 5km detour to look at the ruins of the first telegraph station which linked SA to WA. Unfortunately it was just a pile of bricks covered with sand. This is something that we do come across occasionally where the tourist board makes something sound much more interesting than it really is.

Not far from where we are now there is a fenced off rectangle with a rough unmarked cross wired together. It’s the grave of the headless traveller. Apparently the body had no head. No words. No story. There’s an analogy that this place and others as remote are places we can travel without our head. It is quite a relaxing place to travel. There really is nothing to think about as we travel the Eyre Highway.

Just after Eucla we passed through the Border Village (not a village really) and officially enter South Australia and another 1 hour 45 minutes are added onto our clocks. All Australian borders are strict and all fruit and vegetables have to be left behind (apparently they can carry fruit fly). We stopped a few miles before and cooked our remaining vegetables – how bad is that that we couldn’t bear to hand them over to the quarantine officers?

We now start crossing the flat, treeless Nullarbor Plain. It’s an amazing sight. 160km later we arrived at the Nullarbor Roadhouse where we stopped for the night. We thought we’d seen flies on our travels through Australia but we’d never seen any like these. For the first 30 minutes we didn’t venture out of the van.

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