Oodnadatta Track

We’ve now come a lot further north than we anticipated but there is a reason. Our original plan had been to visit Coober Pedy after crossing the Nullarbor Plain but it’s a long straight drive up the Stuart Highway and at the time we just didn’t fancy it. However, it has niggled us a bit as these aren’t places that you can ever come back to easily. Coober Pedy is a place that’s famous for it’s opal mines and the fact that most of the population live underground to escape the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter.

We’ve noticed that at the very top of the Flinders Ranges there is the Oodnadatta Track that follows the route of the old Ghan Railway which was originally an old Aboriginal trading route and it’s one of Australia’s great outback routes. It is, however, about 450km long and all of it on gravel tracks in various states of repair. It will eventually lead us to Coober Pedy. The plan is just to keep going and checking road conditions as recent rain has closed many of the tracks.

Before carrying on with our journey we spent the night at Farina (population 0). It’s a very remote abandoned township with only a few buildings left standing. It was established in 1882 as a farming centre (the name is Latin for flour). In it’s heyday it had 2 pubs, churches, shops, school and a brothel. There are some good information boards with pictures showing how it was and it looked a lovely, thriving community. There is a small campsite with honesty box for payment situated just below the town cemetry where we stayed. For tonight Farina has a population of 2!

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