The End of Another Adventure

Our Oz Adventure 2 is now almost over. Although we’ve still got nearly a week to go we feel we’ve completed what we set out to do, namely the drive across the Nullarbor Plain from Perth to Adelaide. Total mileage to date is 4395 miles and we’ve enjoyed every mile of it. It’s been another great adventure made all the better by having our own campervan, Geoffrey, with us. We’ll really miss him. Once again there have been so many best bits but probably for us the journey across the Oodnadatta Track was the highlight and of course those lovely starry nights in the outback. And yes we musn’t forget all the interesting and quirky people we’ve met along the way. The Aussies in general are very friendly people with an off the wall sense of humour (except when they’re losing at cricket!)

Geoffrey will be stored in Adelaide and next year we hope to return and carry on our round Oz trip. It will probably be Adelaide to Sydney across the Great Ocean Road and then return along the inland track.

Strangely we have work to do this week as all this travelling has not been for nothing. We’ve been keeping careful notes on our travels as our plans are to offer a small, intimate campervan rental service which is not currently being offered over here. We’ll be able to give detailed advise based on our experiences regarding where to go and where to stay depending on the time of year. We’ll offer airport collection and drop off and our campervans will be fully equipped for travel on both sealed and unsealed roads. At the moment we hope to offer the service for travel between Western Australia and South Australia.

Initially Geoffrey (our campervan) will be available to our family, friends and of course our Waveney Campers customers to test our business plan and later in the new year we’ll add another page to our website with all the details called Oz Adventure Camper Rental.

As the Aussies would say ‘No worries mate’.

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