The Nullarbor - Day 1

It’s 10a.m. before we finally get going. Everyone else going our way is long since gone but we’re always late and then we got lost in Norseman (unbelievable considering the size of the place). But it’s a super day with a bright blue sky and we enjoy the drive. Our first stop is at Balladonia Roadhouse (193km). It’s just a basic roadhouse but it does have a small museum which was interesting and they had bits of the American Skylab that fell to earth in 1979. The Americans tried to dump it in the Pacific but apparently got their sums wrong and the 70 ton Skylab landed all over WA. Our next stop for fuel was Caiguna Roadhouse, a further 182 km which is at the end of the 90 mile straight road. Apparantly this is the longest straight road in the world. Running parallel to this some distance away is the Indian Pacific rail route which also boasts the longest straightest section in the world.

Sticking to the theme of longest, straightest, tallest in the world etc. – here across the Eyre Highway we also have the longest golf course in the world. It’s an 18 hole par 72 and spans some 1365km. Each hole includes a synthetic green, a somewhat rugged outback style natural terrain fairway and you can start in either Kalgoorlie in WA or Ceduna in SA. You can play a hole in each of the roadhouses or towns between the two going in either direction. You get your card stamped at each venue and finally signed off to say that you have completed the 18 holes.

We spent our first night on the Nullarbor Plain at Cocklebiddy Roadhouse a further 50km along. You can camp in the carpark for 15 dollars. There is a basic shower and toilet block but it’s all you need for one night.

We also lost 45 minutes as we had to put our clocks forward at Caiguna.

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