Our Oz Adventure 4

On October 19th we are about to begin our fourth OZ Adventure returning to Adelaide where we pick up Geoffrey (our campervan) and then start a 2000 mile road journey to Cape York in the hot, wet tropics of north Queensland.

To quote Wikipedia 'Cape York Peninsula is a large remote peninsula in north Queensland, Australia. It is the largest unspoilt wilderness in Australia and one of the last remaining wilderness on earth.'

The first part of our journey will take us from Adelaide retracing our tracks from last year along part of the Darling River Run - a 900 mile track that takes us through stunning outback scenery. Weather permitting we will re-visit the Tilpa Hotel, the best remote outback pub before turning due north at Louth to pick up the Great Tropical Drive visiting the Atherton Tablelands along the way. We will base ourselves in Cooktown and of course visit Cape Tribulation in the fantastic Daintree National Park - another World Heritage Site. It was named by Captain James Cook who on 10th June 1770 ran his ship Endeavour aground nearly sinking her. It was named Cape Tribulation because he said 'It's where all our troubles began'.

Later we will turn south and follow the coast for another 1250 miles to our final distination, Brisbane. We will drive down the full length of the Great Barrier Reef (1400 miles long) which is one of the seven wonders of the natural world and the only living thing on earth visible from space - much more about this later.

North Queensland is going to be hot, very hot, the place is full of mosquitos and one other creature lives there that we have yet to meet. It is the largest living and most fearsome reptile on earth - the saltwater crocodile.

As usual we will have our trusty Lonely Planet Guide with us and of course plans will change as we go along. Follow us over the next seven weeks. We'll make diary entries as often as we can.'

Diary Entries

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