Back in Adelaide

After 36 hours door to door non stop travelling like the proverbial Aussie boomerang we return to Adelaide again. Friends Richard and Joan are there to meet us as we arrive jet lagged and blinking in the bright South Australian spring sunshine.

Richard has already collected Geoffrey (our campervan) from a years storage and given him a full service. We set to getting provisions – bacardi, gin and brandy etc. – and sorting out our internet and phone connections. We also booked Geoffrrey in for a new set of tyres. We chose Bridgestone truck tyres – expensive but the best.

As usual Richard and Joan looked after us well and we in turn helped Richard to celebrate his birthday with an excellent BBQ prepared by Joan and cooked by Richard and with all their family in attendance.

Much as we would liked to stay we were very keen to get moving on Sunday but Geoffrey had a problem. It appeared to be an alternator fault which means we struggled with both the engine and leisure battery charging. This came to light when we were out shopping and trying to cross the main interstate highway. The engine stalled and wouldn’t re -start leaving us to push the van across a very busy junction.

The trouble is that we really needed to get moving as going to the far north at this time of year is just on the edge of when the wet season starts so we need to get up there and start heading south again by mid November. The last 2 years have seen atrocious weather in these areas that has made world news – not something we’d like to get caught up in. We couldn’t get Geoffrey checked until the next day (Monday) so much against Richards strong advise as we also hadn’t managed to get a phone working yet we decided to head for Broken Hill (500km). This is a large outback town and has plenty garages where we hoped we could get things sorted. Richard advised us to join the RAA (like our AA or RAC) and made us promise to phone him if we had a problem.

We will miss Richard and Joan and all the help and advise they have given us over the last couple of years. This year we won’t be returning to Adelaide but will have to find storage facilities in the Brisbane area.

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