The Cassowary

While travelling around Australia we’ve seen much of the countries wildlife in it’s own habitat such as the kangaroo, emu, echidna, koala, possum, guana, fruit bat and bilby. North Queensland is the only place where the cassowary is found. It looks like something from Jurrasic Park, a flightless prehistoric bird that lives in the rainforest. It is as tall as a grown man, has 3 razor sharp dagger style clawed toes, a bright blue head with red wattles and has a funny bony structure on its head that looks like a hat. It just looked as though when God had finished creating things he’d got a few bits left over and stuck them together and came up with the cassowary. It is a very reclusive and shy bird. They are an endangered species and were badly affected by cyclone Yasi which hit in February 2011. The cassowary is important to the rainforest in that they eat fruit whole and then deposit the seeds some miles away. They can be aggressive and you are told not to run away but try to keep something solid between you and it, preferably a tree!!

There are signs every few kilometres advising you to drive slowly as Cassowaries are in the area and there are special cassowary crossings with speed humps to slow you down but we never actually did see one on the road and all the people we met said the same . They are very reclusive and there are not many of them left.

We are now making our way further south and we detoured to Etty Beach to have lunch. It was a lovely small beach where the rainforest came right down to the waters edge. Some huge trees gave good shelter to park under and there was also the added bonus of a netted swimming area. After a swim we sat and had lunch under the shade of a tree when suddenly a cassowary appeared from behind the tree not more than 6 feet from us. It stopped for a few seconds, looked at us and then slowly wandered off and disappeared into the rainforest. We were completely taken by surprise. It looked so funny. The only description we could give was that it was like someone had hired a cassowary suit from a fancy dress shop and then popped out from behind a tree for a laugh. It was the weirdest looking bird and luckily we had the camera to hand and got a few photos.

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