Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Still heading south through the Somerset region – also called Valley of Lakes – another quite stunning area to drive through and lakes there are a plenty (big lakes) i.e. Lakes Wivenhoe, Somerset, Atkinson, Perseverance, Cressbrook. We overnighted on the shores of Lake Somerset. It’s the weekend and you can see the Brisbanites at play. With great camping spots, canoes by the dozen, speedboats, waterskiing, fishing and beautiful roads with loads of motorbikes all in a huge natural environment with sunshine how lucky they are.

We headed out the next day to the Crows Nest National Park and what a beaut as they say here with its small state run campground. Crows Nest National Park is situated on a high granite ridge so the temperature is cooler and more important the humidity is lower. A 120 metre high granite boulder strewn gorge has water tumbling down it leaving a series of natural swimming holes. It’s also an area where plants and animals hang on for dear life in cracks and crevices or on shallow, rocky soils which all adds up to make it a pretty special place.

One of the animals we hoped to see was the bush tailed rock wallaby found nowhere else on earth other than Australia. These beautiful animals are caught between a rock and a hard place. For years they have been hunted for their fur (now banned). Their natural habitat such as here has been eroded and they have serious predators such as the fox. Not much is known about these naturally shy creatures and they now live on the edge of extinction.

Soon after our arrival we walked to Kauyoo Pool and were taking a couple of photos when a rock wallaby showed up. He posed for a couple of minutes and then hopped off. Easy we thought. However, over the next two days we only saw two more and that was by getting up at 5.30 in the morning and waiting patiently. They were too far away for photos so we had just got lucky on that first day.

We spent a couple of days just walking and swimming in the national park. It was also the first campsite this year that we have been allowed to have a fire because of fire bans. So, remote bush campsite, campfire, sky full of stars. Just perfect

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