Inskip Days 2,3,4,5,6

We soon settled in at Inskip and a couple of nights turned into nearly a week. Lazy days are spent with runs into Rainbow Beach for provisions (mainly beer), long walks on the beach and frequent cooling swims.

Fishing is the main passtime here and we helped pump for yabbies in the early morning on the foreshore. You used a devise like a big bicycle pump which you put into the soft sand and pump and it sucks up the yabbies which live a couple of feet down. These are then used as live bait for fishing. We also fished for whiting (didn’t catch any!) but our fellow campers cooked us up a huge plate of battered whiting they’d caught the day before. Absolutely delicious.

Happy hour continues every day from about 4pm.

Bush graves are spread all across the Australian outback from the early settlers. Before there were cemeteries people were buried where they died. Most graves have disappeared over time but some well marked ones still remain. We were told of one such grave on the Inskip Peninsula. It’s not well known and there’s no formal track to it but we were given instructions and managed to find it. The grave is that of a 16 year old girl called Emily Jane Reilly who was accidently shot by a younger brother who had picked up his fathers loaded shotgun. There is a touching inscription and a wooden surround around the burial plot. Part of the inscription reads ‘Pure pure she was, as mornings earliest dew. Bright as its gem, but, are as transient too’

To solve our lack of electricity we decided to buy a small generator. General advice was that you get instant electricity from a generator whereas solar panels only give you charging and don’t work so well under trees and on cloudy days. Another neighbour, on seeing that we had old fashioned fluorescent tubes in our lights that are very heavy on power spent a morning modifying them to take LED’s. Fantastic. Twice the light and only a fraction of the power so we’re fixed up now for longer stays.

Time to leave and we fill our notebook that we keep for these occaions with names and addresses of people we’ve met, especially Gordon and Joy, Wayne and Alison, Winton and all the others who’ve stopped by to enquire if we are OK and to kindly give us the cricket score (we lost!) A big thank you to all.

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