The Blackall Range

We are moving away from the coast now and have been recommended to visit the Blackall Range and the Glasshouse Mountains, again just 20 – 30 kms from the trendy Sunshine Coast. Just an interesting thing before we leave the coast – there have been two fatal shark attacks in Australia in the last two weeks. One was in Western Australia which is a long way from here where they are reasonably common and one just down the coast from where we are (these are not so common). Every year when we are here we read about shark attacks. They are definitely becoming more frequent. We’ve just decided to put the surfing lessons on hold for the time being!

Anyway, back to the Blackall Range and again what a great area. They call the settlements in this area mountain villages but perhaps to us they are more like the Yorkshire Dales except with sun but no stone walls. We drove up the Steve Urwin Way and passed through Beerwah and Landsborough before stopping at Maleny. Very nice but all coffee shops, boutiques, estate agents etc.

We then picked up a tourist drive which would take us on a circuit high up in the Blackall Ranges with breathtaking views. We stopped at Boreen Pocket Dam for lunch and as usual there were wonderful facilities, great views of the dam and just a handful of people there.

We have done particularly well this year with either cheap camping ($10 or 6 pounds per night – sorry no pound sign on this Australian computer) or free camping. Today as we plodded round the tourist route we came across Little Yabba Picnic Area, a free camp spot by a river crossing. It looked so inviting so we stopped. The temperature at the time was about 34 degrees which is often the best time to be driving in the van with the aircon on. Anyway we headed off down to the creek just below the camping area where there is a great little swimming spot and there we sat for the next couple of hours with just our heads sticking out of the water chatting to another couple. By the time we got back to the van the intense heat of the afternoon had gone and it was time for cold beers. We have been to Australia five times now and sometimes get a bit blase about it but then these places pop up and we think “Wow, where else could we do this?”

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