Kuala Lumpur Day 2

KL is the usual Asian mix of high end businesses housed in massive structures covered in stainless steel and glass and huge shopping malls with all the top designer shops i.e. Gucci, Versace etc. Scattered inbetween this is near poverty and traffic jams that make our cities look nearly empty. We used public transport to get about and visited Jalan Bukit Bintang with the Bintang Walk cluttered with sidewalk cafes, shops and restaurants. We fitted in a Thai massage (ouch!), visited Chinatown with its masses of Chinese restaurants, market and food stalls. We also wandered round the wonderful art deco Central Market and popped into a couple of temples.

The best bit is Jalan Alor and it’s parallel streets that come alive at night and supply the most amazing street food we’ve ever come across. Not hundreds but thousands of people eating outside on rickety plastic tables and chairs,street musicians, hawkers and beggars all add up to a great atmosphere. Our taxi driver told us to head for the busiest place, grab a seat and order some food. We weren’t disappointed and we ate there two nights running. Fantastic night out all for a few pounds.

There are loads of other places to visit round and about KL including the Batu Caves Temple, a magnificent 100m x 80m cave, the hundred and fifty million year old Malaysian rain forest and the National Elephant Conversation Centre to name but a few but you need a couple of weeks to do them justice. We spent some of our time just enjoying our hotel swimming and the free afternoon tea and cocktails in the evening. KL is up there with the best of the Malaysian and Asian stopovers and we would highly recommend it.

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