Founded in 1835 and now home to a diverse multi cultural community of over 4 million people Melbourne is a young happening city that thrives on creativity and innovation.

We have never done much city stuff before when visiting Australia preferring instead the more remote outback but we like Australias bigger cities like Sydney and Melbourne because they are every bit as big and busy and exciting as any in Europe. One of the things that sets Melbourne apart is its tram system, one of the bigest working networks in the world. Free, antique, wine coloured trams run the main tourist routes and other more modern trams run to the outlying areas. The tram system also creates another quirk in that Melbourne is one of the few cities in the world where it allows cars to do u turns.

After arriving at the very impressive Flinders Street Station we spent most of the first day on the tourist route hopping on and off the free trams and then exploring the busy network of lanes that run around central Melbourne full of great shops, cafes and restaurants. We would defy anyone to walk around Melbourne and not stop to eat something. It is an absolute foodies paradise with up and coming young chefs all trying to out do each other with their ideas for new menus and so we did stop and had a super lunch outside crammed onto a table in one of the many busy narrow lanes. Melbourne was made all the busier by the fact that the Australian Open was in full swing (pun not intended).

Our second day gave us more time to explore further afield. First up was Queen Victoria Market, billed as the largest outdoor market in the southern hemisphere and absolutely buzzing on a Saturday morning. Fresh fish, trays of oysters, fabulous deli stalls and acres of fruit and vegetables all made a wonderful site. We decided to eat on the hoof – Borek at 2 for $3.50, slices of pizza for $4 and half a kilo of cherries the size of small crab apples for $5.

Later we walked down the banks of the River Yarra that flows through the centre of Melbourne, firstly down to the cricket ground and then down the thronging south bank with its beautiful restaurants and beautiful people dining in them and all at the same time as being entertained by the many street performers.

Another tram took us out to Port Melbourne, another back to Federation Square for drinks by the river and then the day finished with a super Spanish meal at a restaurant we had spotted earlier in the day.

For us our favourite cities to date have been Barcelona and Budapest but Melbourne is right up there with them. It is a place we will return to one day we’re sure.

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