Mount Kosiuszko

We stopped at an Alpine village called Thredbo which is really for skiers and snowboarders in the winter. We had decided to do the walk to the summit of the mountain as it is the highest point in Australia at 2228 metres. The thinking is that we’ve been to the furthest western and eastern points, we are going to the furthest southerly point in the next couple of weeks and one day we plan to go to the furthest north. After coming all this way it would be a shame to say that we hadn’t done the highest. To get where we are now is a long drive through this huge national park. There are two hikes to the summit. One is a 32km round trip and the other is a chair lift from where we are now and then it is a 13km hike We would have liked to have done the longer walk but heavy rain and thunderstorms were forecast so we were advised to do the shorter one. We spent a wild and wet night at the Ngajio campground just outside Thredbo and then took the chairlift in the morning. The walk itself is fine, just made all the harder by an incredibly strong head wind. The views from the top of the mountain of the Victoria high country, Monaro Plains and the Kozzie main range are quite something. We celebrated at the top sheltering from the wind with a cheese sandwich and a pack of Smiths crisps.

We finished the day with a drive down a very steep Alpine Highway to Tom Groggin campground – another great free camp spot with the river and mobs of kangaroos thrown in for entertainment.

Is Kozzie National Park worth visiting? Absolutely yes! Great camping, walking and scenic drives. It is advertised as the Aussie Alps but if you want to see proper mountains go to Switzerland.

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