Towards Melbourne

Leaving Tom Groggin starts another excellent steep, scenic drive as we leave the Kosciuszko National Park. We are also leaving NSW and entering the state of Victoria. It’s where the Great Dividing Range (the mountain range that runs inland down the eastern coast of Australia) curls around Eastern Victoria peaking in the spectacular High Country. The end of the snow road brings us to the King Valley, a prosperous cool climate wine region and gourmet capital of the state. The road extends south beside the King River through the tiny towns of Moyhu, Whitfield and Cheshunt with many wineries dotted along its banks.

Being Australia Day today (the anniversary of the arrival of the first fleet in 1878) we had planned on being somewhere to help out with the celebrations but it didn’t quite work out and we spent most of the day driving. We stopped at a monument to remember the 173 people killed in the devastating bushfires that raged through Victoria in February 2009. Over 2000 homes were distroyed and 430,000 hectares of bush and farmland burnt. It just brings it home to you what an extreme climate Australia has. We ended the day at another lovely free camping spot on the banks of the King River near the town of Edi.

The next day saw a leisurely pm start and a slow meandering drive to Mansfield stopping at Power’s Lookout for lunch. There are fabulous views from here over the King Valley and it is where Harry Power, a 19th century bushranger could survey his area and avoid capture whilst committing over 30 armed crimes. He was, however, betrayed for a $500 ransome and captured here while he slept.

Some local information led us to our final destination of South Werribee – a proper campsite at last with showers and toilets. South Werribbe is a small place on the coast just south of Melbourne. It has a very good campsite and more importantly a very good train service into Melbourne. We have now booked our crossing to Tasmania sailing in a few days time on the Spirit of Tasmania. We will be staying for 15 days. In the meantime it’s catching up with laundry etc and exploring Melbourne.

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